Anywhere but Here

Anywhere but Here cover

Her best friend two provinces away in B.C., the school principal living next door, and her mother expecting Marjorie to babysit every day…  It all adds up to Marjorie’s worst summer ever.

To make things worse, she and Craig, her new neighbour, find stolen chemicals in an old barn. The clues suggest her father must be the thief. Marjorie can’t believe it’s true, but she has to find out for sure.

If the only way to find out is to walk across a deserted field in the middle of the night and hide in the grass behind an old truck, well, then, that’s what Marjorie has to do.


Our Choice selection, Children’s Book Centre, 1997/98

Shortlisted for Manitoba Young Readers Award, 1998

Shortlisted for Silver Birch Award, 1997