Nettie’s Journey

Nettie's Journey cover

Nettie lives a safe, secure life in a small village in Ukraine.  Her family are pacifists so the war in Europe has nothing to do with them. Not until the Bolsheviks overthrow the Czar and armies begin marching through Ukraine.

    It comes even closer to Nettie when her older brother slips away in the night and joins one of the armies. Suddenly, life is not safe and secure anymore. Along with the war comes hunger and Communist rules that affect every part of Nettie’s life, including the language she speaks. The Mennonites have been a nomadic people for centuries, moving around Europe, always looking for a home that will give them freedom to live the life they chose. As a famine closes in on the new Soviet Union, Nettie’s father looks for a home for them in North America.

    Nettie’s Journey was published as part of a series celebrating the people who built Saskatchewan. It begins and ends with Nettie telling her granddaughter the story of her move to Canada.

Our Choice Selection, Children’s Book Centre, 2006